Sergey Zhukov      



honored art worker of Russian Federation





Chamber music

1980      Sonata-capriccio for cello solo                                                                                     

1982      Partita for violin solo                                                                                                  

1984     “Refracted sounds” for wind quintet                                                                       

1988      Sonata-bussanda for piano  

             Sonoro a piacere. Cantica animato

             Sostenuto coperto

             Danca bussando                                                                               

1988     “Landscape” for clarinet solo                                                                                    

1991     “Image and Transfigurations” for organ                                                               

1995     “Transforms of the limited space”, scene for flute solo                                       

1997     “Vision” for piano trio                                                                                               

2000     “In search of the missing score” for clarinet, harpsichord and soundtrack       

2000     “Book of transformations for prepared piano”. Chapter I: “The secret story of the old musicbox”                                            

2001     “Sempre sonare” for two pianos and percussions                                                  

2002     “Hommage Holland”, composition for three organs                                            

2003      Paraphrase for cello solo on the theme by the poem of P.N. van Eyck “De Tuinman en deDood”                                   

             “Sheet music” for piano (cycle of graphical games):

1976      “BACH-variations”

1976      “Trills-restoration”

1991      “Labyrinth”

1993      “Dodecardonica”

1997      “DSCH-variations”

1999      “CAGE-variations” 

2000      “In search of the missing score”  for clarinet, harpsichord and soundtrack

2000      “Book of transformations for prepared piano”

              Chapter I: “The secret story of the old music box”                                                                                                          

2001       «Sempre Sonare»  for two pianos and percussions

2002       «Hommage Holland», composition for three organs

2003       Paraphrase for cello solo on the theme by the poem of P.N. van Eyck “De Tuinman en deDood”                                                   

2005      “Dolce Dolore”, for clarinet/basso clarinet and eight cellos                                   

2010      “Sky maps” for piano from “Sheet music”

             “Northern hemisphere”

             “Southern Hemisphere”


2012      “Life of Puppets” for Piano Trio based on drama of A. Schnitzler Bridal veil of Pierrette




2016       "Shadows chain and threads of time"

              composition for flute/bass flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, cello, bayan and piano

2017       "Gaya", composition for clarinet and electronics               


Vocal music

1973     “Black keys” for voice and instrumental ensemble to verses E. Mezelaitis

              E-flat minor

              Black keys

              E-flat major   

1974     “Listen”, four poems by V. Mayakovsky for vocal quartet                                     

1975     “Spivanochki” (Songs) for tow sopranos and instrumental ensemble to traditional words





             Oj, hodyt' son  

1976     “On the shore”, eight musical novellas for narrator, soprano, instrumental ensemble and sound track to verses by A. Tarkovsky     

1979     “Echo”, three poems by A. Pushkin for soprano and piano trio (version for soprano and piano quartet)                               

1980     “Monologues” for soprano and piano to verses by M. Tsvetayeva  (version for soprano, string orchestra and percussions)               

1992     “Faewell’s songs” for soprano, traverso (flute), viola da gamba (cello),cembalo (piano) to verses by J. H. Leopold

            (in Dutch language)






1993     “De Tuinman en de Dood”, scene for contralto (contra tenor) and cello to verses by P.N. van Eyck (in Dutch language)  

             (version for contralto/contra tenor and contrabass)

1999     “The soul of the night”, scene of the parting of Pelleas and Melisanda based on the Meterlink’s texsts     

2010     “Stikhomania”, monoperformance based on poems of Lena Eltang          

2012      "Litania", for voice and soundtrack

2013      "Ave Maria",  stage composition for female voice, piano and soundtrack

2015      "Carmen", stage composition for female voice, clarinet / bass clarinet, double bass and bayan

2016      "Kryptos", composition for female voice and prepared piano



Music for Symphony and String Orchestra

1977     Poem for violin and orchestra in memory of D. Shostakovich                        

1982     “Choreographic pictures” for symphony orchestra based on N. Gogol’s short novel “Viy”

1985     Symphony  ¹1                                                                                                            

1990     Concerto for orchestra and solo percussions 

            Recitativo I /Prologue/

            Dinamico Mobile

            Recitativo II


            Recitativo III

            Presto Furioso

            Recitativo IV /Epilogo/                                                        

1992     Concerto Partes for string orchestra  

            Chant I



            Chant II

            Intermezzo and Recitative

            Chant III                                                     

1994     Concerto Mystery for piano, violin, cello and orchestra 





1997     Concerto Grosso (Concerto Sacra) for piano, violin, cello  and  string orchestra     

            Canzone dolore

            Atto  e recitativo

            Canzone sacre                    

1997     “Dithyramb” for symphony orchestra                                                                      

2001     “Silentium”, concerto for piano and orchestra 




             Allegro molto                                                     

2002     Variations  for symphony orchestra based on the theme of folk song of Belgorod’s area

2003     “Gethsemanian  night”, concerto for electric cello, mixed chorus, six horns, trio percussions and prepared piano

2004          “Sight”, variation for symphony orchestra (part of collective composition “Ten sights on ten commandments”) 

2004     “Angel’s Day”, concerto for violin and orchestra

             "Morning touch"               



             "Night flight"

2005     “Alleluja” for violin solo, string orchestra, piano and percussions                    

2009      Symphony ¹2 “Navna”    

2012      Symphony ¹3      

2016      «Dolce Dolore» version for clarinet/bass clarinet and string orchestra

2016      «Faewell’s songs», version for soprano, clarinet, cembalo and string orchestra  to verses by J. H. Leopold

            (in Dutch language)             

2018      “Book of changes”, for prepared piano and symphony orchestra       



Music for voices/chorus with orchestra

1978     “Dramatic triptych” for soprano, baritone and symphony orchestrato verses by V. Mayakovsky

1980     “Monologues” for soprano, string orchestra and percussions to verses by M. Tsvetayeva (version for soprano and piano)

1981     “Lyrical scenes” for soprano and string orchestra to verses by T. Shevchenko         

1987     “Moments, running in successions…”, oratorio for narrators,  soloists, children and women choruses, symphony orchestra              to verses by I. Bunin    



Music for chorus a’cappella

1973     Two choruses based to verses by M. Lermontov



1992     “Bless the Lord, o my soul”                                                                                         

1994      Repented prayer of Saint S. Sarovsky                                                                         

1995      Revelation to John, chapters 21,22                                                                            

1996      ‘Blessed”                                                                                                                        

2000      “Palindromeo” to verses by V. Sofronitsky   




1990     “Solaris”, ballet in two acts based on S. Lem’s fiction novel                                   

             Premiere on the stage of Dnepropetrovsk’s Opera and Ballet Theatre in 1990

1992     “ Lot of Nemesida”, choreographic composition for clarinetist /saxophonist/, dancer, sound track                                       

             Premiere on the stage of Jusupov Palace in S-Petersburg in 1992

1999     “Insomnia”, ballet in one act based on motifs of A. Pushkin verses                     

             Premiere on the stage of Bolshoi Theatre of Russia in 1999

2001     “Fatum”, ballet in one act based on M. Lermontov’s poem “Demon”                 

             Premiere on the stage of Sanct-Petersburg’s Maly Opera and BalletTheatre named of M. Musorgsky in 2001

2007     "Bridal veil of Pierrette", pantomime based on drama of A. Schnitzler                       

            Premiere on the stage of the St. Petersburg theaterComedian’s Shelter "        

2007     "The Scarlet Flower", a ballet in two acts based on fairy tales of S. Aksakov       

             Premiere on the stage of Dnepropetrovsk’s Opera and Ballet Theatre in 2007

2018     "Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk", a plastic drama based on N. Leskov's essay;

             Premiere on the stage of the Vladimir Theater of Drama in 2018



2010             Life of insects, or Deceit and Love”, based on K. Chukovsky tale “Mukha-Tsokotuha”

              Premiere on the stage of “Moscow Dom Musyki” in 2010


              Birth of the Butterfly       

              Fly and Mosquito




             "Everything is sold"

             "Wind of Change"


              Bossa Nova        


             "Birthday Girl"





Music for drama performing

1993           “Cross – keeper”, theatre “Glas”

1994           “Christian Nikolay”, based on N. Gogol novel, theatre “Glas”

1995            “Anthony and Cleopatra”, based on W. Shakespeare  – joint performing of Russian theatre “Moskva” and

             German theatre  òåàòðà «Werkstadt» (Hannover) 

1996            “For Sacred Russia” , theatre “Glas”

1997             “We shall be alive – we shall not die”, based on V. Shukshin, I part,  theatre    “Glas”

1998              “Van’ka, look sharp” based on V. Shukshin, II part,  theatre “Glas”

1999              “Visions on a hill”, based on poetry of N. Rubtsov, theatre “Glas”

2000              "Tale on gold cockerel”, based on A. Pushkin,  theatre “Glas”

2000             “Kitezh”,  based on I. Ekonomtsev,  theatre “Glas”

2001              “Hey, alive soul, respond”, baserd on I. Shvarts tale, Theatre of  Commonwealth of Actors of Taganka

2002              “Revizor with the Outcome”, based on N. Gogol novel, theatre “Glas”

2003              “Marriage of Balzaminov”, based on A. Ostrovsky novel, theatre “Glas”

2003       “Scarlet floret” baserd on S. Aksakov tale, Theatre of Commonwealth of  Actors of Taganka  

2003       “Spiritual Eyes”, based on V. Nilus novel, theatre “Glas”

2004       “Gull”, based on A. Chekhov novel, theatre “Glas”

2005       “At the God of all it is a lot of”,   based on A. Kononov novel, theatre “Glas”

2006       “Lisistrata", based on comedy of Aristophan, Vladimir Drama Theatre

2006        “Midday dividing”, based on P. Clodel, Center of Dramatic Art under Roschin and Kazantsev 





2007        “Princess Malen”, based on M. Maeterlinck, Center of Dramatic Art under Roschin and Kazantsev 






2008        "King Matiush , based on J. Korchak, Theatre of Young Spectators,  S-Petersburg

2009        “Fedra”, based on poem of M. Tsvetajeva, Moscow Drama Theatre named of A. Pushkin

               I scene, "Hunting"

2009        “Mojdodyr”, based on tale of K. Chukovsky, Moscow Puppet Theater       

2010        “Golden Fleece", according to ancient mythology, Moscow Children's Theatre of Shadows

2012         «The Canterville Ghost», based on the novel by Oscar Wilde, Moscow Children's Theatre of Shadows

2013         «The Kreutzer Sonata», based on the novel of Leo Tolstoy, RUSART company

2013         «The Cricket on the Hearth», based on the novel of Charles Dickens,

                The Moscow theater studio under the leadership of Oleg Tabakov

2014         «All my sons», based on the play by A. Miller - Saratov Academic Drama Theatre


2014         «My Name is Red, based on the novel by O. Pamuk - Tatar State Academic Theatre named Kamala


2015        “The Nutcracker”, based on tale of E. T. A. Hoffmann, Moscow Puppet Theater


Music for television 

1978                 “Statis Krasauskas”

1979                 “Russian porcelain. Artist Leonov”

1980                 “The Gold pantry of the Hermitage”

2002                “Terrestrial and Heavenly”, ten series about a thousand-year history of orthodoxy in Russia


Music for movie

1978               Eight floor”, Gorky Studio Film

1982               “Strip of luck”, Mosfilm Studio

1983                “Incident in Utinoozersk”, Mosfilm Studio                 

1986        “Seven days of Hope”, Mosfilm Studio   

1992        “Running on the solar side”, Mosfilm Studio   

2005        ”Het Zwijgen”, Waterland Film & TV, Netherlands

2007        “Bay of missing divers”, President Film, Moscow