Sergey Zhukov    



honored art worker of Russian Federation






list I                                                                list II                                                                 list III                                                                                                                                                                                                     



 list IV                                                                list V                                                              list VI










The structure of the piece uses the system of cryptography, which was created by famous Italian mathematic of XYI century J. Cardano. The series of 12 tones is the base of musical material, which consists of 28 elements:

12 monotones

6 doubletones                                                                                                                                              

4 threetones                                                                                                                                                                                            

3 fourtones                                      2 sixtones                          1 twelvetone




All of 28 elements are putting symmetrically in the matrix which is dividing in 36 squares. Pauses fill in 8 of reminding squares.

Each element has to pass through series of:

6 kinds of rhythmical duration                                                                               

6 kinds of dynamics                                                                                                     

6 kinds of articulation                                                                   


In this structure only last segments of each series are coincided:

Besides of the matrix it exists of 6 grid-lists with the windows (9 in each). During the performing each list puts on the matrix and opens 9 musical elements. After performing these elements you have to turn the list and open the next 9. Turning the list three times youll open all of 36 elements of the composition. Then you have to change the grid-list for the next and to continue the performing.

The musical structure of the composition builds on the progressive extension (from 1 in the I list to 12 in the VI list) repeating serial segment.       

During the performing of the composition, the author supposes an opportunity of free treatment of internal space of each unit, by observing a strict sequence of all sections.