Sergey Zhukov








honored art worker of Russian Federation








 Life of insects, or Deceit and Love

 based on K. Chukovsky tale Mukha-Tsokotuha

Director-choreographer A. Hasanov

Scenographer E. Kapelush

Costume Designer V. Bogdanova

Texts A. Kovrizhnyh

Produser L. Kosyreva

Theatre Company "Zolotoj Lev"

Premiere on the stage of Moscow Dom Musyki, October 21,  2010            









The birth of Butterfly                                                                            Mosquito - M. Maminov, Beetle - S. Antonov




Fly - O. Ponomarjova                                   Spider and Ladybug                                Mosquito and Fly                                    


Butterfly - J. Loboda                                                                       Bee - L. Tishinjan   


                                                                                                                Dragonflies and Grasshoppers        


                                                                         Ladybug - M. Bjork








 Spider - D. Jankovsky, Fly - O. Ponomarjova                        Mosquito - M. Maminov, Fly - O. Ponomaryova