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honored art worker of Russian Federation






The 20th century is the synthesis of all known arts and the union of the arts brings new harmony and beauty. A modem master like Sergey Zhukov creates a bridge between the past and the future that we can regain hope and lose our fear temporarily in daring and courageous musical experience, which show us in momentary flash the potential of life.

Rhythm is the pulse of life. We feel the rhythm of nature in the eternal ebb and flow of tide, the fading of day into night, the unchanging corning and going of the seasons, the stars in their courses. Art brings us rhythm of tones in music, words in poetry. Music and poetry, magic power of sound, and sense of words together makes the music of Zhukov mesmerizing and moving

Natalia Ivanina

Geenwich Time

August, 1990


...His main characteristic is the large freedom that he offers to his performers. Zhukov creates vivid music, that - in absolute liberty - seems to be bound to the underlying structure. It looks as if Zhukov is blowing a fresh wind through the Russian music of the recent years...

John Hoenen


His works are highly original, reflecting no particular school, inspired partly by folklore and partly a result of a kind of  Urmusik from his own psyche

John S. Sweeney


... an exhilarating journey stylistically rooted in both American minimalism and the ecstatic, florid manner of Scriabin, Zhukovs early 20th century compatriot ... a brightly detailed performance of this work ...

/from Review on Concerto Mystey/

Indianapolis Star (USA) - 14 March 1999


... The piece is presented in a highly theatrical manner, in order to depict the struggle between the forces of darkness and light. The movement from melodic harmony of Beethovens theme to its dissonant dissolution and finally back again to an optimistic, harmonic resolution, makes this work challenging, yet rewarding ...

/from Review on Concerto Mystey/

The Latest - March 1998


Chandos is to be commended for revealing the fascinating work of composer Sergey Zhukov ... the concerto is intense and gripping. The Bekova sisters give a vibrant performance, tackling head-on the virtuosic and creative demands of Zhukovs wild textures ...

/from Review on Concerto Mystey/

Catherine Nelson - The Strad - July 1998


There is always a lyrical, tonal core to Zhukovs music. He is a composer that we need to hear more of. The two soloists are first rate and are very ably supported by Marius Stravinsky and Konstantin Krimets with their two respective orchestras. Cameo Classics should be congratulated for enabling us to hear these two fine works. Lovers of contemporary Russian music should snap this disc up


The Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra by contemporary composer Sergei Zhukov is worth seeking out (I think it was recently released a mainstream label). It's a monster of a piece, but for all its noise and fury it's actually pretty approachable and accessible.

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